OPC & Hardware Simulation

The JCOP project provides various OPC-UA servers - standards based middleware components for accessing specific devices such as power supplies and VME crates from CAEN, Wiener, ISEG and certain commonly shared standards across several vendors



Latest version: 0.9.7



Latest version: 1.2.0



Latest version 1.1.2


ELMB (CANOpen server)

Please note that support and maintenance for this server is handled by the ATLAS DCS team, resources for the CANOpen server can be found here in the ATLAS DCS pages.


LXi Server for Lab Power Supplies, various vendors (opcua-lxi)
Latest version 1.0.11

PDU Server for Power Distribution units, PGEP, Pulti, ServerTech, Gude and others (opcua-pdu)
Latest version 1.0.0