JCOP Workshop-3

5th & 6th June, 2002 at CERN (Switzerland)


To reduce duplication of effort in an era of ever decreasing resources, the management of the four LHC experiments set up a Joint Controls Project at the beginning of 1998 in order to prepare the development of the Detector Control Systems (DCS). The aim of the project includes the understanding of the requirements for control of each experiment to be followed by the provision of suitable solutions. The project has held two workshops at CERN (JCOP-I, II) in June 1998 and September 1999 in order to exchange information about the various on-going activities both within the LHC experiments as well as other relevant areas. These were also used as a forum to discuss key issues at these times e.g. whether SCADA technology could/should be used. These workshops were very successful and well attended, with almost 140 inscriptions, and the agenda, slides and papers are available on the Web at the addresses below.
Relevant Web addresses are:


A great deal of work has been done since the JCOP-II workshop and in particular many technology choices have been made which are now being supported. Furthermore, much development has been done with these technologies and many solutions are available which the experiments can now benefit from e.g. PVSS and the JCOP Framework. Therefore, it is now a good time to hold a third workshop so that these technologies, solutions based on them, as well as the experience already gained can be presented. It will provide the opportunity to obtain an overview of the status of the controls activities in each of the experiments and to discuss the future priorities and direction of JCOP. Finally, it will provide an opportunity for cross-fertilization between the various sub-detector teams and for these to benefit from each other's work and experience.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will take place over a period of two days, the 5th and 6th June 2002, and follow closely the format of JCOP-I/II. Each day will be divided into four sessions of approximately 90 minutes, with breaks of 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon and 90 minutes for lunch. After each presentation time will be allocated for questions and in addition specific slots will be provided for discussion. Furthermore, one session will be dedicated to responding to questions submitted before the workshop. Therefore, if you have a specific problem to solve and would like advice on how to go about this, please submit this to the organisers well in advance of the workshop.
A dinner will be held on the evening of the first day.

Addition Activities:

A number of additional activities will be organised during the two days before the workshop, 3rd and 4th June, as well as the day after the workshop, 7th June 2002. It will be necessary to register specially for these activities and the number of timing of them will depend on the demand. Please register for these as soon as possible. 
These activities are as follows:

  • PVSS Tutorial
  • JCOP Framework Demonstration
  • Demonstration of the use of the integration of fieldbuses and PLCs

In addition, it will be possible to visit the IT-CO labs to discuss topics of interest with the relevant experts in more detail.

Agenda, Documents and Presentations:

List of Participants


The workshop will be held in the CERN Council Chamber. Despite the evident advantages of holding a workshop away from the distractions of CERN, this proved to work well for both JCOP-I/II.

Please note that the workshop is organized primarily for members of the four LHC experiments but interested members of other experiments as well as the accelerator and technical serviecs community are also welcome. It is only open to employees of industrial companies with the agreement of the Workshop Organisers.**