JCOP Workshop-2

6-7-8 September 1999 at CERN - Geneva (Switzerland)

*Bulletin Number 2 July 22nd, 1999*


To reduce duplication of effort in an era of ever decreasing resources, the management of the four LHC experiments set up a Joint Controls Project at the beginning of 1998 in order to prepare the development of the Detector Control Systems (DCS). The aim of the project includes the understanding of the requirements for control of each experiment to be followed by the provision of suitable solutions. The project held a workshop (JCOP-I) at CERN in June 1998 in order: (a) to investigate the best practice in the current generation experiments and some of those about to come on-line; and (b) to obtain input from the LHC experiments on what they saw as critical issues. JCOP-I was very well attended, with almost 140 inscriptions, and the agenda, slides and papers are available on the Web at the address below.


A great deal of work has been done over the previous twelve months, and it is now time to hold a follow-up workshop so that the experience gained can be presented and future directions discussed. In particular, this includes the question of commercial Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will take place over a period of three days, from Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th of September, and follow the format of JCOP-I. Each day will be divided into four sessions of 90 minutes, with breaks of 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon and 90 minutes for lunch. In general, 45 minutes will be allowed for each presentation (30 for the talk and 15 for questions).

A dinner will be held on the evening of the second day. Note also that the Thursday following the workshop, September 9th, is a holiday in the Canton of Geneva (Jeune Genevois).

Agenda, Documents and Presentations:

List of Participants