JCOP Framework

The Framework is an integrated set of guidelines and software tools which is used by Developers of the Control System to develop their part of the Control System application. When all parts of the application have been developed and integrated these form the complete Control System (from a software point of view).

The homepage for the JCOP Framework project is: http://cern.ch/jcop-framework.

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If you are getting started and need Framework

Download the Framework

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List of JCOP Framework Components Components list

If you do not yet have WinCC OA


WinCC OA Service Download

JCOP FrameWork Working Group List of meetings in INDICO

If you are looking for documentation

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If you need a Framework course
If you need a WinCC OA course

Training: https://cern.ch/jcoptrn

If you are looking for help

contact us at the standard support line:

The Framework will include, as far as possible all templates, standard elements and functions required to achieve a homogeneous Control System and to reduce the development effort as much as possible for the Developers. Furthermore, where possible the Framework will hide the underlying tools in order to reduce the knowledge of the tools required by a typical Developer. Use of the Framework will also ensure that the Architecture is followed.

The initial Framework Sub-Project Proposal gives details of the scope, deliverables and milestones. Design issues for the Framework are dealt with by the Architecture Working Group, which has also defined a Glossary of terms.