JCOP Framework

JCOP Framework Distribution Package

JCOP Framework distribution is a collection of main components of the Framework (the Core, plus a selection of most important Tools and Devices) tested and delivered together, in a single ZIP package.

To install JCOP Framework, one needs to use the Component Installation Tool, which needs to be downloaded separately and extracted into the project folder. Then, you may extract the JCOP Framework Distribution Package into a convenient (temporary) place (not the project folder!) and use the Component Installation Tool to install them into your project. Similarly, you would follow the same steps to upgrade the components versions.

Before downloading, please identify the package version that is suitable for your WinCC OA version.

Latest beta release

There are no beta releases in preparation at the moment

Next planned release

(no plans at the moment) The non-exhaustive and non-binding list of bugfixes planned for the next release is available here  .

Framework Releases

Version Release Date Package Requires Release Notes / Highlights Edit
8.4.2 05/10/2021 List of improvements and bug fixes
Release Notes
8.4.1 30/06/2020
8.4.0 26/11/2019 Release Notes