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Guidelines for the development of the different PVSS components of the Framework. Their aim is to unify things like look and feel, alert classes, documentation, etc
Sub-Project Proposal The initial Framework Sub-Project Proposal gives details of the scope, deliverables and milestones

Training material

Material for the different courses related to PVSS and the JCOP Framework
Audience: any user

Where can I find the documentation for components in the Framework ?

The documentation for each component can be accessed from the Component Installation Tool. Once you have installed a component you will see it in the list of Installed Components in the Installation Tool. If the component includes help, you will see the word HELP in the same row of the table. By clicking once on the word HELP, the Installation Tool will open the help page for that component. The help pages usually cover details of the main panels and library functions available in the component.

In addition, from many framework panels, you will see a help button in the top right corner which looks like this:

If you click on this, it will open the help page for that specific panel, giving details on what the panel does and how it can be used.

Framework Help Concept

Since Framework 2, It was agreed with the users that this documentation will consist of:

  • An introduction to the Framework. This is covered by the course script referenced above.
  • An html for each panel explaining how to use it for final users and developers. Instructions on how to write it can be found here .
  • The online help for library functions generated with doc++.