Coordination Board

Day-to-day decisions in the framework of the Joint COntrols Project are taken taken by the Coordination Board  which is chaired by the JCOP Project Leader. The Coordination Board meets bi-weekly and includes the experiments' Controls Co-ordinators and representatives from BE-ICS and EP-DT.


The JCOP Coordination Board has the dual role of defining the strategy for JCOP and steering its implementation by carefully monitoring the activity of the collaborating parties and the associated resources.The Board receives the Mandate of:

  1. defining and reviewing the architecture, the components, the interfaces, the choice of standard industrial products (SCADA, field bus, PLC brands, etc).
  2. setting the priorities for the availability of services and the production as well as the maintenance and upgrade of components in a way which is --as much as possible- compatible with the needs of all the experiments.
  3. finding the resources for the implementation of the program of work.
  4. identifying and resolving issues which jeopardize the completion of the program as-agreed, in-time and with the available resources.
  5. promoting the technical discussions and the training to ensure the adhesion of all the protagonists to the agreed strategy


JCOP Project Leader (Chairman)

Fernando Varela Rodriguez

Alice Control Coordinator

Andre Augustinus

Atlas Control Coordinator

Stefan Schlenker

CMS Control Coordinator

Frank Glege

LHCb Control Coordinator

Clara Gaspar

Technical Coordination of the contribution of EP Department and
representative of the non-LHC Experiments in JCOP

Giovanna Lehmann

JCOP Framework Project leader

Piotr Golonka

Management of BE-ICS Group

Peter Sollander